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Top Seven Benefits of Acupuncture

Sometimes, you just want to go for relaxation and overall health and wellness. Acupuncture is a fantastic tool to help with your well-being. It also has many other benefits that not everyone knows about.

1) Immune System.

Give your immune system the boost it needs to survive what seems like an endless string of colds and flues going around this season!

2) Allergy Relief.

Itchy, red eyes, and nasal congestion can be banished with acupuncture treatments.

3) Migraines.

Migraines aren’t just really bad headaches. They are often debilitating and can sometimes involve dizziness, nausea, visual symptoms, and light and sound sensitivity. Acupuncture has been shown to reduce the intensity and frequency of migraines; and sometimes, resolve them completely.

4) Tension Headaches.

Stress, fatigue, muscle tension, and burn out can all cause tension type headaches. Acupuncture provides a safe, and natural alternative to over-medicating.

5) Trouble Sleeping.

Many patients’ initial response to Acupuncture is to fall into a deeper sleep and wake up feeling more restored. Finally!

6) Back Pain.

Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, and Acupuncture are all excellent modalities to help with the relief of back pain. Acupuncture releases endorphins and improves circulation. The endorphins relieve the pain while the improved circulation oxygenates tissues and removes waste. It is often a combination of the three that can help move you along the road to recovery a lot faster.

7) Fertility.

Chinese medicine is no stranger to women’s health issues. Fertility can also be a men’s health issue and acupuncture can be applied there as well.