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Canada’s millennial generation, the most educated and culturally diverse of any generation to date, is questioning the value of traditional medicine. Strong advocates of a healthy lifestyle, this up and coming group (eight million in Canada alone) is choosing preventative health care and seeking out practitioners that provide a holistic approach to relieving illness and injury.

Clean and nutritious foods, ample water, and regular exercise play strong roles in staying well for every generation, offering the benefits of lowered stress, better sleep, and flexible fit bodies.

The majority of millennials practice yoga, Pilates, spinning, running, swimming, and participate in sports more than any other group before them. They are careful about what they eat and care deeply about the environment.

But then there’s technology.

Devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones keep people hunched over a screen, sitting in a chair for too many hours, and rapidly keying in thousands of bytes of information daily. Even healthy, fit individuals feel the effects, especially millennials whose lifestyles and employment options too frequently employ some form of interaction with technology and hours of “screen time

Call it techno-pain?

The resulting impact on the body includes repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, backaches, shoulder pain, neck stiffness, eyestrain, and even insomnia.

Next to sports injuries, technology related injuries are the most common cause of muscular and skeletal pain and something that chiropractors and massage therapists treat frequently.

A series of chiropractic adjustments will not only relieve ‘techno pain,’ in the shoulders, back, hands, neck, and other painful areas, but the chiropractor will also provide exercises and ergonomic solutions to prevent further injury.

Goals achieved!

Because preventing problems, avoiding medication, and finding noninvasive, natural ways to heal is important to millennials, chiropractic care and massage therapy is one of the best options for meeting their lifestyle goals.

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