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The Last Month of 2017

Like the magnificent Bears which inhabit this beautiful part of the world with us, winter is the time for hibernating a little, taking stock of the year, putting our feet up, relaxing and perhaps making some time to enable our bodies to heal from the everyday stresses and strains of our busy lives.   There may also be a little decadence, luxury and excess involved in this of course!

Vibrant Posture

Good posture delivers increased energy, better breathing, improved circulation, and less wear and tear on your joints. It’s an investment in your health. It also makes you look more Vibrant! The secret to good posture is maintaining and supporting the spine’s natural curves. If your spine is not properly aligned, your muscles and ligaments have to work harder to keep you upright and this can result in strain and pain; probably the most common cause of spinal problems.

Avoid a Fall This Fall

Did you know that one in every three Canadians over age 65 will fall at least once in a year? Falls often have serious consequences such as hip, wrist and pelvic fractures that can have a lasting impact on your quality of life. Chiropractors are committed to reducing injury and disability from falls. A Doctor of Chiropractic can test your strength, steadiness and balance – and give you advice on exercise, nutrition and falls prevention.

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Love Your Body
Love Your Vibrant Life!

Canada’s millennial generation, the most educated and culturally diverse of any generation to date, is questioning the value of traditional medicine. Strong advocates of a healthy lifestyle, this up and coming group (eight million in Canada alone) is choosing preventative health care and seeking out practitioners that provide a holistic approach to relieving illness and injury.